About us

We’re Let’s Create Stuff, a creative community of freelancers; illustrators, moving-image artists, musicians, web designers and more.

We’ve created websites for multi award winning RHS Garden Designers, composed bespoke music for cult-classic film releases and TV advertising, created and curated public art exhibitions among many other things too!

Knowing a good group of other working artists and freelancers, we started with the idea that if we are all individually working in our own little nook, alone (*cue sad violin interlude here*) then why not have the chance to meet up, share ideas and collaborate. We quickly found that we were able to create much richer and interesting work by utilising this multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach.

For every project, we put together a team of people best suited for what is required. You can find out more about who was involved in each project at the top of our project pages. Also, coming soon is our creator page, where you will be able to find out more about who we work with and their individual portfolios.

Our clients include Renault, The Financial Times, StudioCanal and GWR.