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Black Dog Way

Katherine Glynne-Jones & Tom Crawford

Tom here…

We’ve been working with filmmaker and director, Sam Pope on his new documentary entitled ‘Black Dog Way’. The documentary puts the magnifying glass on important issues of inequality, housing and homelessness.

We met Sam after working on the same R&D project in early 2022 (see here). He was filming at the time and after we got chatting, we found out about the documentary which he had been working on. His passion and enthusiasm for not only the project but the important issues surrounding the film was infectious and we knew that we would be able to help in getting the film made and out into the wide world!

We began collaborating on making a teaser trailer for the film. Katherine went through the footage that had been captured over the course of the two years prior and edited together an extremely engaging, provocative and emotional portrayal of protagonist, Steve’s story. The trailer is at the top of the page to view. 

Along with this, we also created the main posters to advertise the film. Sam really wanted a clean, minimal but bold design, so as not to interrupt the fantastic images of Steve. Once we had the design, we were then able to move on to the website which we designed and built ->

This however, is not the end of the project! As you find out in the trailer above, the footage has all been shot for the documentary. It now needs editing together, colour grading, a music score composed and more. To get this done, support is needed. Sam has set up a Crowdfunder page to help get the documentary finished and released. If you’d like to find out more and perhaps donate, please head to the ‘Black Dog Way’ Crowdfunder page.

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