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New website for
Guitar Tracks by
Tom Hudson Crawford

Tom Crawford

Tom here… This project was a completely self-devised one. So for better or worse, there was no deadline… hmm yeah not great sometimes!

In 2022, I set up guitartracks.co.uk, a website to advertise online and in-person session guitar work. I really wanted to implement some striking graphics whilst keeping the overall look fairly minimal. For this, I created some collage style graphics. I edited various images in Photoshop, adding grain and noise to the image to add a magazine/printed paper feel. To augment this, I then added flashes of colour to give the idea of movement and excitement. As I have no-one to say if this is successful or not ha, I would conclude that I’m pretty happy with the final result!

Check out the website here or go to www.guitartracks.co.uk

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