Moving Image

Artist in Residence
at King's School
Gloucester 2021

Katherine Glynne-Jones

Hello, Katherine here. Between March and May 2021, I had an incredible time working as the Artist in Residence at The Kings School, Gloucester, where I was able to share my passion for moving-image art with the students.

As part of the residency, I ran an after school video-art club with year 8 students, where they participated in filming and editing their own experimental film with my help and guidance. The joy, humour and energy (so much energy!) that these kids had was truly inspiring and left me with an aching face at the end of the day from smiling/laughing throughout the workshops. Their willingness and dedication to take part, led to an array of wonderfully imaginative films that completely captured the personality of the individual making the film. This was a very memorable experience for myself and hopefully for the students too!

“I cannot even begin to explain how much Poppy enjoys this club. We cannot stop her talking about it!” 

Feedback from parent at King’s School, Gloucester

A selection of screenshots from the student films, created during the moving image workshops.