Creating a new website
for Naylor Nutrition

Tom Crawford & Katherine Glynne-Jones

We worked with Naylor Nutrition to design a brand new website and short trailer film. Their ambition is to utilise whole cabbage crop and turn it into highly nutritious and sustainable food products. 

We loved the ethos and the potential to revolutionise sustainable, healthy food products, so this was a fantastic project for us to work on. 

The main requirement for this project, was to effectively communicate the key areas of the company, the trajectory of the business and where/how the products could fit into a highly competitive market. To do this, we used a bold but simple colour palette, punchy titles and sub headings and a great balance of texture for backgrounds and imagery.

The website should read and navigate easily as it was designated as a key advert and information hub for potential investors/funding. We therefore made to sure to keep all pages easy to navigate, with nothing lost in impossible menus or endless scrolling pages. 

Check out the website here or visit www.naylornutrition.com

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