Moving Image

Projection mapping for
an R&D project

Tom Crawford and Katherine Glynne-Jones

We’ve had an absolute blast taking part in a research and development project at @uniofglos. It’s a project which has been truly multi-displinary, bringing in a live performance with some fantastic actors and dancers, a live music score, film crew (complete with drone, which we played with and tried not to smash into people), lighting, projections and a whole lotta smoke!

Our role in this project was to run the projections which were accompanying the performance. We used Trokiatronix: Isadora software to project light shapes, which were then accentuated by fog & smoke (which we enjoyed manning and intermittently scaring people with, by mistake, obviously…). The Isadora software was used to cue various changes to the projection, moving the light shapes when certain cues came from the performers and director. At various points, we also projected footage directly onto the performers, aiding the narrative of the piece. 

It’s been great to reconnect with people that we worked with last year and also to meet a whole lot of other creative and talented folk! Big thanks to the mastermind of the project @newtontom. You did an amazing job of orchestrating the weekend, we salute you!

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